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Standard "Booth" Package & Entitlements  标准展位配套和权利

USD 2,500

  • 1 x standard virtual exhibition "booth" listing with business tools (see #A)
  • 1 x set of pre-scheduled appointment slots (PSA) (up to 24)
  • 2 x access credentials (see #B)
  • “Walk-in” meetings at designated times of up to 5 hours
  • Access to opening keynote and all knowledge sessions
  • Access to virtual event orientation tour
  • Access to all brand showcase presentations
  • Access to all buyer procurement showcase sessions
  • Access to all event opening and networking sessions
  • Access to buyer profile
  • Access to full exhibition listings
  • 1 x company profile listing in the digital Show Directory (see #C)



  • 1个带有商务工具的标准虚拟展位(请参阅#A)
  • 1套展前预定商务洽谈(PSA)(最多24场)
  • 2个展商登录账号(请参阅#B)
  • 多达5个小时的现场商务洽谈指定时段
  • 参加开幕演讲和所有教育论坛
  • 参加线上展会介绍会
  • 参加所有品牌推介会
  • 参加所有买家采购专场
  • 参加所有开幕活动和交流会
  • 浏览买家资料
  • 浏览展商列表
  • 展会电子会刊中展示1个公司简介资料(请参阅#C)



#A. "Booth" Features and Business Tools  展位功能和商务工具

All materials and content, if any, to be provided by the Exhibitor in ENG and CH.

  • Business / Product profile and contact information
  • Downloadable sales resources
  • Video presentation (up to 15min)
  • Buyer / Visitor check-in (e-business card swap)
  • Leave message
  • Appointment scheduling tool for buyers to request for appointments


  • 业务/产品简介和联系方式
  • 可下载的销售资源
  • 视频演示(最长15分钟)
  • 买家/访客签到(电子名片交换)
  • 留言讯息
  • 商务洽谈安排工具,供买家发出邀请

#B. Access Credentials  展商登录账号

Each exhibitor will receive a total of 2 access credentials to manage / attend:

  • Pre-event PSA account and schedule
  • Virtual exhibition "booth", pre-scheduled appointments and “walk-in” meetings during the event
  • All qualifying event sessions as listed in the entitlements


  • 展前预定商务洽谈帐户和时间安排
  • 线上展会期间的虚拟展位,进行展前预定商务洽谈和现场商务洽谈
  • 所有展商可参与的展会活动

#C. Digital Show Directory Circulation  展会电子会刊传播

  • Listings will be arranged by country then company in alphabetical order, with the exception of NTO / CVB / Corporate group sign-up where priority placement (first listing before co-exhibitors) will be accorded to the main exhibitor.
  • Distribution will be made post-event with circulation to the full event database.
  • The directory will also be available online on the event website for up to 2 months after the event.

  • 除NTO/CVB/企业集团将优先排列在主要参展商的位置外(在联合参展商之前),所以展商将按照国家然后公司名字的字母顺序进行排列
  • 展会后将发送至所有参会代表数据库
  • 展会电子会刊将在展会后继续保留在官网上长达2个月

Additional Complimentary Benefit For Exhibitors  主要展商的额外免费福利

For NTO / CVB / Corporate Groups

  • Main exhibitor logo on the floor plan at their own area / "booth" space (No logo for co-exhibitors)
  • Priority placement (first listing before co-exhibitors) and main exhibitor logo within listing in the digital Show Directory (no logo for co-exhibitors)
  • Main exhibitor + Destination / Corporate Zone receives complimentary upgrade to Premium "booth" with minimum of 5 "booths" sign-up


  • 主要参展商Logo显示在其所在展区/展位(联合参展商的Logo不显示)
  • 展会电子会刊将在联合参展商之前优先排列主要参展商并包括其Logo(联合参展商的Logo不显示)
  • 主要展商+目的地/企业展区可免费升级到特级展位(最少注册5个展位)

Sponsorship Opportunities  赞助机会

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Buyer  买家

Details will be available in June.